Making Clean-Up Easy

When you are looking for a seamless decorative surface that will also be able to withstand the abuse of animals, the Sunbelt 1100® System is an ideal floor. Like all animal facilities, a seamless floor and wall is imperative. These facilities cannot have joints where animal waste can lodge and lead to an unclean facility with offensive odors.

Sunbelt 1100® is the solution to help you maintain sanitary cleaning. Animal facilities face rigorous cleaning regiments and subject to the harshest of chemicals to maintain a clean environment for animals. Sunbelt Flooring does not only apply the most durable flooring systems to withstand the cleaning, but we can also install our 100% solids, epoxy/urethane wall systems to ensure a completely seamless floor and wall application in the kennels.

The Sunbelt 1100® System is ideally suited for areas such as dog kennels, animal shelters and dog pounds, animal control facilities, breeders, pet stores, animal hospitals, zoos, aquariums, veterinarians and veterinary hospitals.

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