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  • Sunbelt 1100

    The Sunbelt 1100 Resinous Flooring System is a seamless, plural component, 100% solids epoxy resin flooring system with superior wear and is our signature product. Our resins are formulated to be b…
  • Sunbelt 1200

    Sunbelt 1200 is a Urethane Elastomer, reinforced with a fiberglass screen mesh at all joints specifically designed for use as a waterproof underlayment for the Sunbelt 1100 Resinous Flooring System. …
  • 2100 Walls

    Sunbelt 2100

    Sunbelt 2100 is a Fiberglass Mat Reinforced Epoxy Wall System comprised of an epoxy primer, fiberglass mat reinforced intermediate coat, intermediate glaze coat and a water-based urethane top coat. …