Withstands a Pressure Cooker Environment

Every commercial kitchen or production floor requires that it conform to the high standards imposed by Health and Safety regulations.

An area that demands the highest of standards must also be slip resistant, easy to clean, durable, hygienic and in many cases attractive. It’s no surprise then that due to the versatility of our Sunbelt 1100® System, that it is also widely installed within the ancillary areas of large commercial kitchens; in areas such as freezers, cellars and storage rooms, as well as connecting corridors and washrooms.

In restaurants, where timetables are vital, downtime can affect the entire business. Fortunately, we have developed a Sunbelt 1100® System that is faster to install, has a rapid cure time, and can be installed overnight between the hours you shut-down and reopen in the morning. Depending on conditions, your floor can be repaired or resurfaced overnight or in phases, keeping you open for business.

Hygienic, Healthy and Hazard Free

The Sunbelt 1100® System is perfect for use in Commercial Kitchens where common occurrences such as liquid and food spills will occur. A durable, seamless floor is also very hygienic, as there will be no crevices or cracks for unsanitary food particles and insects to hide. It’s also resilient to most chemicals as well as fats, oils, grease, detergents and acids.