Sunbelt 1100®

Sunbelt 1100® Resinous Flooring

The Sunbelt 1100® Resinous Flooring System is a seamless, plural component, 100% solids epoxy resin flooring system with superior wear and is our signature product.

Our resins are formulated to be blended with quartz or color flakes for creating self-leveling slurry, broadcast, or trowel applied mortar with application thicknesses from 1/8” to 1/4” depending on the use.

In addition to flooring, the Sunbelt 1100® system can be troweled up walls for superior protection and cleanability.


Quartz makes the Sunbelt 1100® System as safe as it is ergonomic and decorative. Our aggregates are composed of the finest uniformly shaped and sized quartz granules on Earth. They are brilliantly color-coated with a superior resin system and high-quality colorfast pigments to provide optimal durability and extreme performance in the most demanding environments. In addition to their superior resilience to chemicals and impact, The Sunbelt 1100® System with quartz can be applied to achieve many different textures and levels of slip resistance to prevent slip and fall injuries and minimize liability.

Color Flakes

Color Flakes, also known as decorative vinyl color chips, are specially formulated vinyl flakes used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the Sunbelt 1100® System. They are random in shape, come in two sizes; macro or micro flakes, and custom blended to match any décor.

The application process of the Sunbelt 1100® resinous flooring makes it ideally suitable for decorative purposes. It’s available in a large spectrum of colors and textures. Patterns, designs and logos can easily be integrated within the floor to further enhance the beauty of your facility. Integral cove bases, which extend the flooring surface onto walls is another advantage of Sunbelt 1100®. Integrating the cove base with the floor surface greatly reduces the potential for cracks and surface failure along wall bases and creates something similar to a bath-tub effect.

When applied in clean rooms, our flooring provides antistatic and dust free surfaces crucial in technological environments. Specialized topcoats can provide antimicrobial surfaces for the healthcare industry and in locker rooms, shower rooms and restrooms. When it is necessary to incorporate slope within a floor for drains or other manufacturing needs, the Sunbelt 1100® resinous flooring is ideally suited to modifying surface level and slope.

There’s no need to worry about odor during installation as the Sunbelt 1100® System has little to no odor and meets the standards and compliance requirement for VOC content pertaining to LEED IEQ 4.2 Indoor Emitting Materials Credit.

Advantages of the Sunbelt 1100® System

Application Environments for the Sunbelt 1100® System

Sunbelt 1100® Resinous Flooring Installation

It is possible to install resinous flooring over existing or new surfaces. Our years of experience in both commercial and industrial settings, assures our clients that we know how and will take the time needed to prepare surfaces for the Sunbelt 1100® installation. The time invested in efficient and exacting surface prep is the key to quality, lasting, finished projects.