When the going gets tough, you need even tougher flooring

Our Sunbelt 1100® System is designed to be hard wearing and this is more important than ever in warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities. For these areas, we have designed systems that can take the toughest knocks, including those caused by heavy vehicle traffic, such as forklifts and pallet trucks.

Built for strength

Our durable flooring Systems will take everything you can throw at it without damage, so your business can keep running smoothly. The Sunbelt 1100® and 1600 Systems comes in a variety of colours and heavy duty finishes, giving you great aesthetics, as well as a surface that will take 24 hour wear and tear throughout its lifetime.

More choice

Every business has different uses for different spaces, that’s why Sunbelt Flooring has developed a range of industrial floor covering solutions that will meet everyone’s needs. From light use to heavy traffic, we will work with you to ensure the system you choose is the best one for your business and will guarantee a fast and efficient resin flooring installationwith minimum disruption to your business.