Making Flooring Better

The Pharmaceutical Industry maintains its mandatory hygiene standards through the use of aggressive cleaning agents, most of which contain high concentrations of Isopropyl alcohol.

In order to meet these exacting standards, we have developed an industrial flooring solution that has a proven resistance to Isopropyl alcohol while also complying with all health and safety standards.

Surgical precision, clinically brilliant

Hard wearing, durable flooring that is resistant to most chemicals and stains, the Sunbelt 1100® seamless flooring solution is easy to clean, making it ideal for clean-rooms & medical environments.

The flooring system we have developed for the medical sector is so advanced that it can even be applied to walls. In areas, such as operating rooms, where clinically sterile conditions are vital, our seamless resin based solution is ideal. Neither steam cleaning nor chemical cleaning will degrade our product, even after many years of use.